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Edict Zero News

Production for Edict Zero – FIS is on hiatus until a time TBA. Meanwhile, the show has been nominated in multiple categories for the brand new Audio Verse Awards. In addition, James Keller has been nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of Special Agent Nick Garrett, Julie Hoverson for Best Actress for her portrayal of Special Agent Jewels Kircher, Phil Rossi for his portrayal of Special Agent Marcus Briggs, and Jack Kincaid, me, for my portrayal of The Ambassador. That’s so far. Nominations are still open.

You can check out the categories and nominees by clicking on this line.

Also, the Edict Zero Universe has taken its first step beyond the realm of audio drama with the release of a science fiction novelette ebook, “The Sound of Silence”, via amazon. This stand-alone story also serves as a backstory prequel to the Edict Zero – FIS series, one of many planned or in draft.

Check it out by clicking on this line and jumping to its page on amazon.com.

That’s all for now. Thanks to all listeners. Cheers.

–Jack Kincaid