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Edict Zero Minute #7

About two weeks away from the release of series premiere episodes 1 and 2 of Edict Zero – FIS, we bring you another sneak preview Edict Zero Minute.

In the last clip, we introduced two of the characters you come across in the investigations of the unit this series focuses on.

As can be expected, many of the characters we encounter are those also in law enforcement, including other F-I-S agents, operatives in other E-3 and E-2 agencies, and police, such as state police on any given island or the local cops.

In this next clip, the local police in a North Island town have been left to guard the perimeter of a crime scene in the middle of the night. The two officers, Officer Cotter and the rookie officer, are voiced by Tanja Milojevic and Danar Hoverson.

Edict Zero – FIS – Preview – Edict Zero Minute #7

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