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Edict Zero Minute #8

There are threads of mythology that run through the Edict Zero – FIS series, which may bring to mind ‘The X Files’, structurally.  While the series will gravitate to a number of monster-of-the-week episodes, it will also have episodes dealing with mythologies that have their own story arcs.  This is, in fact, how the series begins.

Among the prominent mythologies you will encounter in the first season are:

The Paradox Artifacts.

In today’s sneak preview Edict Zero Minute, Special Agent Nick Garrett (voiced by James Keller) is questioning an expert, Professor Ludlow (voiced by Jack Kincaid) about this very subject.

Edict Zero – FIS – Preview – Edict Zero Minute #8

Edict Zero Minute #7

About two weeks away from the release of series premiere episodes 1 and 2 of Edict Zero – FIS, we bring you another sneak preview Edict Zero Minute.

In the last clip, we introduced two of the characters you come across in the investigations of the unit this series focuses on.

As can be expected, many of the characters we encounter are those also in law enforcement, including other F-I-S agents, operatives in other E-3 and E-2 agencies, and police, such as state police on any given island or the local cops.

In this next clip, the local police in a North Island town have been left to guard the perimeter of a crime scene in the middle of the night. The two officers, Officer Cotter and the rookie officer, are voiced by Tanja Milojevic and Danar Hoverson.

Edict Zero – FIS – Preview – Edict Zero Minute #7

Edict Zero Minute #6

Today we bring you a bonus Edict Zero Minute on a lighter note, demonstrating a few of the colorful characters who populate Edict Zero.

In this clip, “Captain Socrates” is giving a pep talk to his companion, “Admiral Jenkins”, among other things, as they walk down the street.  They have just left the soup kitchen of a homeless shelter that they were just ousted from.  The reasons for this should be readily apparent as they both have a unique and wild cocktail of dysfunction.

The voices you’ll hear come from an actor uniquely qualified to play the parts.

Oh, the humanity.

Edict Zero – FIS – Preview – Edict Zero Minute #6

Edict Zero Minute #5

In the first four sneak preview Edict Zero Minutes, we introduced you to each FIS special agent in a new unit which the series focuses on.  The unit will grow as the series progresses, but these are the agents who begin its journey.

Featured in this edict zero minute are the three freshly-reassigned agents working together for the first time: Agent Nick Garrett (voiced by James Keller), Agent Jewels Kircher (voiced by Julie Hoverson), and Agent Marcus Briggs (voiced by Phil Rossi).

Edict Zero – FIS – Preview – Edict Zero Minute #5

Edict Zero Minute #4

We are now four weeks away from the release of the series premiere episodes, but we will have a few things to hold you over until then, such as today’s sneak preview “Edict Zero Minute”, with twenty bonus seconds for good measure.

In our last Edict Zero Minute, we introduced Special Agent Jewels Kircher(voiced by Julie Hoverson).

Now, we introduce the next agent in the unit: Special Agent Marcus Briggs, voiced by Phil Rossi.

We also introduce a convention in the world of Edict Zero: the H-M-S (Home Manager System), an AI governed computer which manages as many aspects of your home and your life as you will allow it access, from cleaning the house to balancing your checkbook.  It is a maid, a butler, a secretary, and a security guard, all in one, and that’s just for starters.

In this clip, Agent Marcus Briggs calls the home of Agent Jewels Kircher.

The call is answered by Jewels’s H-M-S, Jasper, voiced by Russell Gold.

Edict Zero – FIS – Preview – Edict Zero Minute #4

Edict Zero Minute #3

It’s that time again.  Today, we release another “Edict Zero Minute” preview of the series.

In the last clips, we introduced a supporting character, tactical unit commander John Bradoch (voiced by Jack Kincaid) and the first of our main characters in the unit which the series will focus on, and that’s, of course, Special Agent Nick Garrett (voiced by James Keller).

Now introducing:

Special Agent “Jewels” Kircher, voiced by Julie Hoverson.

In this clip, we are inside FIS’s mainland headquarters where a new task force has been assembled in the wake of a big criminal event.  Agent Kircher is one of many agents being briefed by the task force leader, an organized crime division Deputy Section Chief, Agent Paul Wakeman (voiced by Jack Kincaid), who has incorporated video stills from public cameras into his presentation, which focuses on a meeting between two underworld figures.

Click here to listen:

Edict Zero – FIS – Preview – Edict Zero Minute #3